Greenways are Good for Business

Bike lanes are good for business. “…businesses on 9th Avenue, the first major green lane in the city, saw a 49 percent rise in retail sales, compared to 3 percent across Manhattan as a whole, according to research by the New York City Department of Transportation.

A study of consumer patterns by Portland State University researchers, showed “shoppers who arrive by bicycle spend 24 percent more at stores per month than those who drive.” Source: People for Bikes

If you are a local Kirkland business owner:

  • Would like to participate in an “on-the-spot” survey program with Kirkland Greenways to find out how your customers are getting to you?
  • We’ll ask people at the door if they arrived by foot, bike, bus, or car?
  • then, we’ll share the results with you. It’s that simple!

Send us a note, and we’ll work with you to set up a day when Kirkland Greenways volunteers will come out to your business!

Here’s a fun article on how even a VERY small business owner understands the benefits of a greenway!  Lemonade Baron in Seattle explains how greenways are good for business.