What are Greenways?

  • Places for people of all ages and abilities with a distinctive neighborhood feel. Your neighborhood greenway can incorporate anything from historical place-markers, little free libraries, benches, extra plantings, street art, and more!
  • Residential streets that have been improved for everyone using them. Generally streets one off of main arterials with low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds where people who walk, roll and ride feel safer because they are given priority.
  • Safe routes to school, the park, local businesses, places of worship, the library and everywhere in-between. Greenways show you how to get there, and get there safely, by walking, rolling or riding. Greenways get you to the places you want to go – and the routes have been scouted by greenways volunteers – so you can relax and enjoy the trip.  Want to know more? Check out our FAQ…

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Let’s make greenways Kirkland-style!

Why do we need Greenways? Here’s how the Seattle Greenways groups define them:

  • Greenways provide safer bicycling and walking connections.  Pavement markings alert people driving to expect people walking and bicycling. Improved crossings and curb ramps make walking easier and safer.
  • Greenways help people across our busier streets. Improved crossings at main streets help people walking and bicycling get across streets more easily.
  • Greenways guide people along the route to get them where they are going.  Markings on the pavement and signage let you know where your Greenway goes and what’s nearby, like parks, schools, and business districts.
  • Greenways reduce auto cut-through. In Seattle, speed bumps and traffic diverters can keep cars trying to avoid main streets from speeding through on neighborhood streets.
  • Greenways provide more “eyes on the street”. More people out on the street walking and riding their bicycles makes for a safer and friendlier community!
  • Greenways are on reduced auto speed streets. In Seattle, speed bumps and other road treatments can help to slow automobile traffic on greenways.
  • Where is the “green” in “Greenways”? Biking and walking can be a form of transportation that is relaxing, pleasant, and inclusive. Greenways provide easy access to open space and have many park-like functions that can be very climate-friendly. Planting trees, public art, rain gardens, planting gardens of all kinds along our Greenways are an integral part of evolving our streets to be pleasant places to bike and walk along.