What Is A Greenway Ride Like?

Here’s what we did on our July 2014 Family Ride to Happy Hour on the proposed N. & S. Rose Hill greenway:  (Photos from our July family-ride are here)

Here’s a summary of our June 2013 Family Ride on the proposed N. & S. Rose Hill greenway:

Shelley Kloba at the rest stop

Councilmember Shelley Kloba taking a break on June ride to visit with local horses.

  • start at Lake Washington High School
  • past multiple parks & schools
  • all the way up to Lake Washington Technical College
  • stopped to take a break and pet some horses
  • rode back to LWHS to finish the ride and chat about the route

Where do we go on greenway rides and walks?
We rode all that way on quiet neighborhood streets – streets that, with just a few easy fixes, would make a great greenway!

Kirkland Greenways meets for educational meet-ups, walks, and rides at least monthly, and we attend local events that fit well with our core values and campaigns. We travel and present our ideas to neighborhood associations, PTSAs, and to the City of Kirkland.