Action item!   send an email to City Council, the Mayor, and our Transportation Manager, and ask them to build the Rose Hill Greenway now!

Who We Are
Imagine your neighborhood, knitted together with quiet residential streets where children and adults safely walk, ride bicycles, play and run. Imagine these streets are close to where you live and connect you to the places you want to go — Read more

What are greenways?
Greenways are an invitation to stay local and enjoy Kirkland; to walk, wheelchair, jog or bike right here where we live & re-connect with neighbors, our local businesses, schools, beautiful parks & all the places we want to go. *Here’s the map of the community-proposed greenway*: http://kirklandgreenways.org/neighborhoods/

Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets generally one off of main arterials with low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds where people who walk and ride bicycles are given priority. Learn more